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Research shows that experience shapes the nervous system and ongoing experience reshapes the nervous system.  Our work is to understand how your nervous system was shaped, how it responded to what happened, what patterns were created, and how do they work in your life now?  Understanding your nervous system helps build a stronger sense of self.  This allows you to have the increasing ability to self-regulate emotional states, self soothe in times of distress, and make wise behavioral choices instead of impulsive ones. Healing the body often starts with restoring safety in the nervous system. I am well-versed in a number of counseling modalities and base my approach on a mix of the following: Trauma-Informed therapy, Attachment-based therapy, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Theory (science of safety, trust, and self-regulation) and Mindfulness training.  


I work across a broad variety of issues and difficulties that include:





Sexual Dysfunction

Eating Issues


Grief and Loss


This list is not exhaustive so if you are looking for help with something it's best to get in touch.

Sessions are 55min

150 chf 

I do not work with insurance companies.

I provide therapy at a reduced rate for a limited number of clients who are not able to afford my full fee.  Please contact me to learn more about this service.


Rapid physical, emotional, and social changes experienced by children and adolescents can make them vulnerable to emotional dysregulation and mental health challenges. I help kids and teens create their own blueprint for health and wellness.

I utilize therapeutic approaches that have been adapted for use with adolescents and are supported by scientific research. These modalities include, but are not limited to Trauma-Informed therapy, Attachment-based therapy, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Theory (science of safety, trust, and self-regulation) , and Mindfulness training.  

I understand that adults are not the only ones who could use extra support. Children and adolescents often experience distressing feelings and are vulnerable to stress, depression, and anxiety. They often feel confused and isolated, even though they have loving parents and family who want to help them. Our time in sessions with children and adolescents focuses not only on how to best process their emotions and struggles and cope with distress, but also on encouraging, preparing, and supporting them so that they can feel safe and empowered to share those issues with other people, such as their parents, who can help them outside of the therapy sessions.

I am also a passionate sex educator and believe in having healthy, open, age-appropriate conversations around bodies, boundaries, and what it means to be sexual.  Sometimes these conversations are difficult between parents and children/teens. I work with teens around sex education, having healthy relationships and intimacy, how to set boundaries, pornography issues, gender and sexual identity. 


Sessions are 45-55min

100 chf 


 I provide therapy at a reduced rate for a limited number of clients who are not able to afford my full fee.  Please contact me to learn more about this service.


I offer the ability to view your family situation through a new lens, the lens of Polyvagal Theory.  Polyvagal Theory is a way to understand how human beings are wired to connect with each other. It explains how connection helps you to survive, and what happens to your nervous system when you feel unsafe and move towards disconnection. Having the ability to regulate by yourself and with others allows more flow and ease in your life. It allows you to move from survival to thriving and flourishing. Polyvagal Theory helps to better understand your family dynamic in order to make empowered shifts to parenting approaches. When parents are able to find a regulated state, it greatly impacts the ability for everyone to connect in harmonious and adaptive ways. I work with parents to model embodiment by connecting their emotions with sensation and creating a supportive language at home around feelings.

Sessions are 60min



Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a five hour auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, by calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improved communication and more successful therapy.

The SSP is a research-based therapy showing significant results in the following areas:

Social and emotional difficulties

Auditory sensitivities

Learning Difficulties




Inattention / ADD/ADHD


Social Engagement Difficulties

Depressed Mood & Mood Dysregulation

Misophonia (sensitivity to sound)

Motion Sickness

Head Concussion

Trauma from Medical Procedures

Emotional Regulation Difficulties

Work anxiety

School/exam anxiety 

Chronic Fatigue

Please contact me to learn more.


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*please note the SSP is not suitable for everyone to use at home - screening applies. | Burgunderstrasse 25, Basel Switzerland | +41 79 375 00 73