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My therapeutic approach is a blend of neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, and attachment oriented psychotherapy with somatic approaches. I believe that a collaborative and trusting relationship is the foundation of effective therapy. My goal in my therapeutic work is to create a space where clients feel safe, accepted, and supported to be curious and explore any and all aspects of themselves and their lives. 

I am passionate about sex education - especially with teens and parents - helping to cultivate safe, open, honest, and realistic conversations about sex.  

I hold a BA in Psychology from Harvard and MA in Counseling Psychology from Webster University, Geneva.  

I am a Polyvagal certified therapist and trainer. 

I am a trauma-informed therapist, holding the CCTS-I. (This training is essential for the safe and successful delivery of the Safe and Sound Protocol.)

Certified in delivering the Safe and Sound Protocol and The Focus System.

I have additional training in psychosexual dysfunction and am working towards CORST certification in the UK.

I am a member of the Swiss Association for Counseling (SGfB).

I believe that Minds change Bodies and Bodies change Minds.

I am a mother to three and pug mother of one, a mediocre cook, avid forest walker, obsessive knitter and podcast listener, and holder of stories. 

I have been a Basler for 18+ years and counting.

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