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Online Therapy for Emotional Health

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Supporting & Resourcing Families + Individuals


Emotional Health &Wellbeing


People come to therapy for many reasons: stress, anxiety, feeling off but not understanding why, past trauma, sexual dysfunction, relationships.

Whatever your reason, my goal is to provide a safe space to explore all aspects of you.  


Rapid physical, emotional, and social changes experienced by children and adolescents can make them vulnerable to emotional dysregulation and mental health challenges. I help kids and teens create their own blueprint for health and wellness.


I offer the ability to view your family situation through a new lens and better understand your family dynamic in order to make empowered shifts to parenting approaches. When parents are able to find a regulated state, it greatly impacts the ability for everyone to connect in harmonious and adaptive ways. I work with parents to model embodiment by connecting their emotions with sensation and creating a supportive language at home around feelings.


Safe and Sound Protocol is a five-hour listening intervention designed for children, teens, and adults to improve social communication by regulating our physiological state.

It has been shown to help reduce anxiety and foster a calmer, happier individual.


About Me


My therapeutic orientation is a blend of neurobiology and attachment oriented psychotherapy with somatic approaches. I work through a Polyvagal Theory lens and believe that through co-regulation a collaborative and trusting relationship is the foundation of effective therapy. My goal in therapeutic work is to create a space where clients feel safe, accepted, and supported to be curious and explore any and all aspects of themselves and their lives. 

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